Is Female Empowerment Good or Bad For a Relationship?

With women overtaking men these days in education and in the corporate world we ask is this affecting relationships and women trying to find a man for her life? With a large number of women today making more income than the opposite sex this is making a difference in appearance to the gender roles in today’s society.

But with female empowerment if believed in correctly can be beneficial to women of today’s era. Empowered women are strong and look at life in a much different female empowerment blogs way than a lot of women of the 20th century. These women are stronger in their thoughts and more secure in their decision making. They do not base decisions on fear or what society tells them, but on truth that they believe is correct.

These stronger minded women do not need a man to make them complete, by being this way this can make the women utterly attractive to men because they are a total person and they do not need a man for them to succeed. These women do not show that they are needy and they are self-sufficient and have a positive self-esteem. Now this may chase away some men because there are still some men that want a woman who are dependent on them, but in today’s society this is changing and it is coming closer level playing field where many women are not dependent and can stand level with any man.

Women need to be in love with them-selves and think positive about their inner self. When women come to grips with this way of thinking they will start to attract other people of the same mindset, the more positive and forward thinkers and not the followers and the complacent types.

These women that do not need a man to make their life complete and a woman who feels like she is totally independent and does not need a man is the one that finds the man of her dreams. When a woman feels complete in her-self and realizes that she does not need a man to make her happy this is when a she will have a positive romantic force field around her that attracts the more positive and caring men into her life.

One downside to some empowered women, some take this power to their advantage and belittle and bully men around. Empowered women do not need to come across as bullies or belittling to men. They need to come across as perfectly able to take care of themselves and have the mindset of being independent, but not as bullies or so independent that they are a turn off to men.

One thing to make note of is that there are plenty of women out there in the everyday world that are desperate and weak, these women are not secure in themselves and they have a very low self-esteem issue. Many of these women were injured by a relationship or through a divorce or two. For these women there is hope for them out there, but for a woman to become empowered they need to first start with taking care of themselves and their health. They need to start thinking positive about them-self and the way you look. Remember God made each person in his own reputation and for a reason. He never made a mistake and the way you are now is how God made you. Each person was made for a reason and a purpose. This is the first step to empowering yourself, think positive of you. Focus on good empowering thoughts and this should help you move in the right direction to a more positive life.

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