Are you running out of ideas to spice up your lovemaking? Is your lovemaking so routine that your lady knows what you are going to do next even before you do? If yes, it is time to spice up your lovemaking once again. Prediksi Hk Malam Ini

When you are in a relationship for too long or married for some time, sex tends to turn a little too boring and predictable – which is not good for your relationship. Sexual intimacy can bring you and your lady closer together and prevent your sex life from falling apart.

Now, let me share with you 5 naughty things that you can try in bed tonight:

1. Playing sex games. Buy a sex game from a shop and play it with your partner. A popular game is the dice game that requires you to do a certain sex act every time you roll the dice. This will get you and your partner excited and ready for the main dish later.

2. Role playing. Everyone has a sexual fantasy deep inside his or her mind, and role playing is the best way to fulfill that fantasy. Go online and look for websites that sell role playing costume. Buy one for your lady and spice things up in the bedroom. Some examples include slutty air stewardess and customer, perverted students and turned on teacher, and naughty race queen and driver.

3. Having sex outside of the bedroom. Changing the place you have sex to wonders to your lovemaking. Other than the bedroom, there are other places in your house that are excellent for sex thrill. Trying having sex on staircase, on a washing machine, in the toilet, at the balcony, etc.

4. Having sex outside of your house. The thrill of getting caught or seen by someone will make the entire sexual experience mind-blowing and exciting. Some examples are inside a car, on a field, in the public toilet, etc.