Anyone who knows anything about internet marketing will tell you that without a first page search engine ranking you have got little chance of getting mega traffic to your site. I mean, when you are searching online for something, how often do you look at the results on page 2, 3, 4 or 5? Not very often, I would bet. We want it to rank for

People searching the internet tend to concentrate on the results they are given on the first page. They just haven’t got the time or the patience to sift through pages and pages of results to find what they are looking for. So if you can get your website seen on the first page of results it is going to get you a lot more visitors to your website and, in theory, a lot more business.
It is highly possible for you to get those sort after first page listings if you think about it logically. If you target a very general keyword such as ‘pens’ it is going to be much harder for you to get to page one as it is going to have greater competition than a more specific set of keywords such as ‘black ball point pens’.
Obviously there will be less people searching for ‘black ball point pens’ than there will be searching for just ‘pens’ but when those people reach your website they will be highly qualified as they have been searching for something very specific that you are offering. If you can get first page rankings for these specific keywords you will have a greater chance of converting these visitors into paying customers.
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