If you are starting to plan your wedding, you probably already realize that picking the right location can make a big difference between having the perfect romantic wedding and one that… well, isn’t quite so romantic. The location you select determines the distance you will need to travel and where you should look for providers like caterers, florists and photographers for your wedding. Beach venues, especially those in foreign countries, can also add an extra layer of paperwork for you and your guests. Wedding Florist Fort Worth Dallas

Following are some tips to help you narrow down your search for wedding beach venues:

Start your search using the Internet. Type “beach wedding locations” into a search engine, then follow the links to a hotel or some other business that owns a private beach in a desirable area. A private beach is usually better than a public one because you will usually need to secure a permit for a ceremony to be held on a public beach. Although local governing bodies are usually happy to issue these permits, many public beaches have fairly burdensome restrictions which can prevent you from bringing chairs, using temporary structures such as awnings and tents, drinking alcohol (no champagne toast) or even having flowers. These regulations don’t make for the most festive wedding celebration.

No permit is needed to use a private beach as the setting for your ceremony, provided the owner gives permission for your wedding. Beach owners usually have more relaxed rules about what can be done on their property, so you will have more flexibility to set up and decorate your wedding beach however you like. If you need this kind of freedom, book your beach venue through a business that owns an exclusive section of beach. Hotels are likely candidates.

Another thing to consider is how far you are willing to travel. Do you want to limit your choices to locations on the United States mainland, or will you consider international destinations also? When you are deciding the location of your wedding beach, consider your guests’ needs and limitations as well as your own.

If your wedding beach will be in an international location, your guests will need to arrange adequate time away from work. They will also need to set aside enough money to pay for the trip. Some of your guests, depending on which part of the world they live in, might need to obtain a tourist visa to enter the chosen country.

There is less chance that American citizens will need a tourist visa, but they still will be required to have a valid passport before being permitted to travel outside the US. The bottom line is that although selecting a wedding beach in a foreign country clearly can be worth the annoyance, you will have some additional hurdles to overcome.