Our world is covered in breathtakingly amazing natural environments.  Arid deserts seem like moonscapes, rainforests burst with colorful life, and the depths of the ocean hold creatures that are stranger than anything ever imagined in science fiction.  These environments can be inhospitable and difficult to visit, but there are others that are just as beautiful and much more conducive to sightseeing.  Alaska is one of these places.  whale watching juneau alaska

Alaska has been called one of the final frontiers on the earth.  The land of the midnight sun is a pristine natural environment that has been largely untouched by man.  It’s one of the most sparsely populated places in the world by humans, but is packed with some of the most fascinating wildlife on the planet.  Kodiak bears wander the forests, eagles soar through the skies, and orcas prowl the icy waters looking for food.

The state capital, Juneau, is a perfect spot to set up a vacation and do some sightseeing.  Alaska, due to mountain ranges, icefields, and the coast can be difficult to reach; but Juneau is easily accessible by airplane or ferry.  It’s an excellent base camp for exploring the natural world.  It has a small-town atmosphere and surprisingly mild weather.  The city is full of pubs, artisans, and proud and friendly locals.  Best of all, it’s the perfect gateway for adventure.

Networks of hiking and biking trails surround the city and go up into the rugged mountainous countryside nearby.  Some of these trails even provide views of Mendenhall Glacier, one of the most famous places to do some sightseeing.  Alaska isn’t all as cold as its reputation might make it seem; but the Mendenhall Glacier is one of the most stunning places to see some ice.  It’s part of the Juneau Icefield, a block of 38 interconnected glaciers.  All are frozen rivers, moving slowly and powerfully cutting through the surrounding earth.  Some tours offer the chance to fly over the glacier in a helicopter before landing to do some ice trekking.  Other visits combine a stop at the lookout point in the morning with an afternoon of humpback whale watching. 

Alaska offers a pristine view of nature that’s completely unique.  It’s an experience that will leave any visitor permanently changed, with a new appreciation for the natural world.